Underwater Activities to do in and around Honolulu

Underwater Activities to do in and around Honolulu

The wonderful city of Honolulu often considered as the gateway to the island of Hawaii is an excellent location to unwind and have some fun with the beauty of nature. If you are someone who is looking for a place to let, go of all your stress and come back refreshed then Honolulu is definitely the place to go. Loaded with the plenty of underwater activities to indulge from under the Honolulu tours, the city will keep you occupied all the time and the unique underwater activities offered in and around Honolulu cannot be found elsewhere in the world.

Submarine Scooters

So, you sit on the boat and it takes you to the center of operation. Everything seems perfectly normal until you meet the underwater submarine scooters. Have you ever wondered, how good it would be to explore underwater like the same way you explore the attractions on land? Submarine scooters help you to do just that. Sel-propelled, the eco-friendly electric scooters are very easy to ride and will help you move past the fishes. The convenience of the submarine scooters and the wonderful experience makes it ideal for families.


Snorkeling & Scuba Diving

Next, comes the one of the most popular underwater adventure water sports activities like snorkeling & scuba diving. While most parts of the world offer this underwater adventure, it is even more exciting in the bright blue waters of Honolulu. Rated as one of the quintessential destinations to take an adventure underwater, the city of Honolulu and the regions around it will satiate your hunger for wonderful views.


Shark Encounters

Interested in adding the element of thrill and adventure to your underwater vacation to Honolulu then you must definitely indulge in the daring underwater shark cage adventure. You get locked inside a concrete steel cage structure and are submerged in water with the sharks around circling the cage and reaching out to the cage all the time to seek your attention. With the concrete shark cage in place, you get to have a close interaction with the sharks and who knows you might even befriend the ferocious creature. For adventure Junkies looking out for a pumping underwater activity to do, Shark cage encounter is a must do thing and you could easily find it on the list of best Honolulu tours.


Submarine Adventure

Shark cage encounter is good but then scary, what is next best alternative to this where you get to see all the animals up close by reducing the risk of being in the water itself? It is by riding on an underwater submarine. Often associated with wars, underwater glass-coated submarines are very popular in and around Honolulu. Get to see the magnificence of the Hawaii’s undersea by riding in a submarine and the best part is it is suitable for people of all age. So, it would definitely make up a great family adventure. For an adrenaline rush, book any of the submarine tours in Honolulu!

Dolphin Swimming

Swimming, in general, is good but what if you get a chance to swim with the most lovely and the friendly water creatures of Dolphin! Great, isn’t it. You get on a boat and you are dropped in the spot where you could find plenty of Dolphins. While trying out this fun adventure do take your water cameras and click some amazing photographs of you, swimming along with the Dolphins.

The underwater beauty of the Honolulu is something enchanting, so make sure you soak in every ounce of the experience offered and for more interesting underwater activities check out the best tours in Honolulu.

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