TOP 4 luxury experiences

TOP 4 luxury experiences

Hello friends. The world of luxury is as big as surprising, so I will tell you five luxury experiences not to forget it. Let’s start!

Driving a Diamond Car.-

This is a Mercedes that was presented at the Dubai Auto Show on the anniversary of the SL600 model. It is covered in diamonds, in a job that took several months to the entire company staff. It is owned by Prince Amir of Saudi Arabia. The value is almost 5 million dollars.

mercedes diamons

Read your name from the air.-

Yeah, it’s possible if you have a lot of dollars millions. The millionaire Arab sheik, Hamad Bin Hamdan, had his name built on the ground with the intention of being seen from space; The letters are 1 km high and 3 km long.

hamad letras espacio

Bury your car.-

No, we are not going getting mad. Brazilian billionaire entrepreneur Conde Scarpa decided to bury one of his luxury cars (a Bentley with a value of 500,000 USD) with the intention of ensuring a good trip after his death.

bury your car

A house of 40 floors.-

The richest man in India, Mukesh Ambani, built his home in this 40-floors, 37,000-square-meter building. The house is located in the Altamount street of Bombai and, although its value is unknown, it is presumed to be one of the most expensive houses in the world. However, this luxury real estate in Barcelona has amazing homes on the Spanish coast.

luxury real estate barcelona

This is all for now friends, I hope that soon we can enjoy experiences again. My name is Dehaan, I am dutch, traveler, creative and I love writing all kinds of experiences. See you soon greetings.

Traveler, historian, creative, alive.
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