Taste the Creative Plethora of Ahmedabad

Taste the Creative Plethora of Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad is a buzzing and the largest city of Gujrat. It has plenty of spots on its plate for the visitors. Yu can find extensive and creative architecture in the streets of the city. Whether you talk about religious destinations, natural spots or food spots, the city has everything to cater you.

If you are visiting Ahmedabad in the coming future, then you can get your rooms booked in the Hotels at Ahmedabad. This way, you can conveniently carry out your trip. So, what keeps you away from exploring the richness of this creative city? Whether religious buildings, historic monuments, or other buildings, you can witness a distinct type of creativity in their chic and construction.

Taste the Creative Plethora of Ahmedabad

Kankaria Lake

Kankaria Lake is one of the most visited and important tourist attractions among the visitors in Ahmedabad. This beautiful and artistic lake was constructed by Sultan Kutubuddin in the fifteenth century and named QutubHojj or Hauj-e-Kutub. A gorgeous garden is also mapped on the middle of this lake. It is called Nagina Wadi.

Not just this, here you can also explore Kids City, Zoo, Toy Train, Food Stalls, Water Rides, Entertainment, and Tethered Balloon Ride. These activities and the cheerful celebration in this area keep the tourists and visitors enticed.

Sabarmati ashram/ Gandhi Ashram

The ashram was set up in the year nineteen fifteen. It was the dominant point from where the ultimate struggle for India’s Independence was began. Till 1930, the ashram at Sabarmati was home of Mahatma Gandhi. This ashram is bordered by shaded trees and the ambience over here is extremely peaceful and tranquil.

Here, a special museum has also been created to offer the glimpse of Mahatma Gandhi and the lifestyle he followed. Various items are available in this museum and these are linked to Gandhiji, the father of the nation.

Jama Masjid

Jama Masjid is one of the most ancient mosques in Ahmedabad. It was constructed in the year fourteen twenty-four during the times of Ahmed Shah. There are all in all fifteen domes and two hundred sixty spires in this magnificent mosque.

The meaning of Jama Masjidin English is Friday’s Mosque. This Masjid was inaugurated by Sultan Ahmad Shah-I on forth January fourteen twenty-four for personal use of sultans. Now since so many decades, it has been getting used by the audience of the city for offering prayers. The entire mosque has a strange type of creativity in its design. One can feel the richness of ancientness in the ambience of this area.

Vastrapur Lake

The Lake is one of the gems of Ahmedabad and it is located in the western zone of the city. The lake is specifically for the ones who want to carry out a walk-in silence and far from the hustle bustle of the crowded Streets. You can find the visitors visiting the lake throughout the day but the lake and its surroundings become vibrant especially in the mornings and evenings.

Thus, there are various other spots for exploring. Just reserve your rooms in hotels in Ahmedabad Gujarat and allow your trip to fetch you creative, historic, and thrilling experience.


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