Grape, Olive, Pig: Inside Spain’s Food Culture with Matt Goulding

Many moons ago, a friend e-mailed me and said “Hey, my buddy is starting a website. Can you give him some advice?” I hate those emails but, as a favor to my friend, I said yes. That guy, Nathan Thornburgh, turned out to be really cool and we became good friends. But this article isn’t about Nathan, it’s about his partner Matt Goulding. Together, they started one of my favorite travel websites, Roads and Kingdoms. It’s one of the few websites I read daily. Last year, they partnered with Anthony Bourdain (they introduced me to him at an event last year and I babbled incoherently for a bit. It was highly embarrassing.) and, as part of their partnership, they created a book, Rice, Noodle, Fish, about Japan. Now they have a new book called Grape, Olive, Pig about food in Spain. In a long overdue interview, I sat down and talked to Matt about the intersection between food and travel – and where to find the best food in Spain (disclaimer: I did this for selfish reasons as I wanted to know for an upcoming trip I’m taking!):

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