How to buy the best Door and Cabinet Knobs

How to buy the best Door and Cabinet Knobs

The Knob or door handle is attached mechanism that helps in opening and closing of the door. The knobs may or may not have a lock with it. Apart from the door, there are knobs for cupboards and cabinets as well. The primary use of the knobs is to make the opening and closing of doors easy. The knobs are available in wide variety. Initially, knobs were just an object attached to the door and were known more for their functionality.

With the passage of time, the significance of knobs has changed. These days’ knobs are very much a part of the interior decoration. People pick for knobs that are aesthetically appealing and are in sync with their home decor. From a variety of colors to size and metals, there is no limit to the fancy and attractive knobs which are sold by door knob suppliers. One can also buy the knobs online from authentic sellers.


Types of Door Knobs:

  • Lever Latch

It is one of the most common types of door handle which is used widely. The lever latch door knob is found in residential houses, public buildings, and commercial properties. It is a basic door knob which has a handle to support the function of opening and closing of the door.  These types of knobs are majorly found in living or dining spaces as these places don’t require any locking for privacy. These knobs are very easy to install as well as use and are found in wide variety of finishing and metals.

  • Lever Lock

The lever lock is a door handle which operates just like that of a lever latch handle. The only difference is that the knob back plate has a small hole below the handle. The hole is offered for key insertion. Just like lever latch, the door can be opened and shut with the help of handle.

But if required, the door can be locked with the help of a key. Because of locking facility, these knobs are used for front side and back side of the house for security reasons.

  • Lever Bathroom

These knobs are mostly used in Bathroom doors. One of the distinct advantages of lever Bathroom knobs is that it can be locked from inside by the user and in the case of any emergency, the door can be opened from outside. The door can be locked from inside turning the snib, and it can be opened from outside by using a coin or a coin like substance.

  • Lever Privacy

Lever privacy knob is just like that of lever bathroom which can be closed from inside and opened from outside in case of emergency. However, there is a small difference in them. The lever privacy is not equipped with a mortice sash, and one needs to jam the lever in closed position for locking the door.

As far as cabinet knobs are concerned, one should be careful in buying in terms of metal, finishing, and color so as to match the interiors and furniture of the room. One can buy cabinet knobs online from any authentic dealers.


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