The stones that can bring good luck to the wearers

The stones that can bring good luck to the wearers

There are many elements on the earth, which are though considered as non-living things, still, have amazing effects on human life. As per the Vedic Astrology also there are different planets in the universe that affect an individual’s life. Every planet is assigned a stone as per this astrology, and hence one who has a specific planet with a negative effect in one’s horoscope can wear the concerned stone as per the astrology and avoid the malefic effects of it. There are different beads as well as precious and semiprecious gemstones that can be of great help to the wearer.

The Cats Eye Stone:  This precious stone looks like a cat’s eye, and hence it is known as the cat’s eye stone. It is also known as Lehsunia. As per the astrological properties, this planet represents the planet Ketu which is known as a shadow planet. This planet has tremendous effects on one’s health, wisdom, and prosperity. The stone helps one to keep away from the malefic effects of the planet Ketu. To get the required positive effects of the stone one needs to have the original stone with minimum 5.25 ratti weight. One needs to fix this stone in a silver or platinum ring and wear it on Tuesday. The ring must be worn on the middle finger. To get the desired effect of this stone one needs to get an original stone only. One can buy cats eye stone online also as there are many sellers online who offer the stones with a certificate of originality.

The Panna Stone: The emerald known as Panna is the stone that represents the planet Mercury which is also known as Budha. As this planet has a direct effect on one’s ability to judge and taking prudent decision those who suffer from poor positioning of Budha in horoscope need to wear this stone. The wearer needs to wear the stone with a minimum weight of 5.25 ratti. One can wear it on the little finger on Wednesday. One can wear it in a ring of Silver, Gold or Panch Dhatu. There are various qualities of this stone, but one needs to get the best that can offer desired impacts on one’s health and wealth as well as prosperity.  There are many vendors in the online market who sell this stone, but to get the original stone one needs to have a trustworthy seller. Hence, one can check it with different online stores who offer quality stones with a certificate of originality.

In case one still has some doubt one can check the reviews of the store which are provided by the previous buyers. Hence, one can have original Panna stone online shopping that can offer the desired effect by the wearer. However, it is required to get advice from an expert astrologer before wearing the stone. The buyer needs to check the stones on different online stores, so that one can buy the stone after comparison to various stores in terms of weight, rate, and quality as well as the cats stone online


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