Physical and Psychological effects of Divorce

Physical and Psychological effects of Divorce

Two people experience or have a perception of divorce the slightly different way, but most of them can agree it is always a painful and difficult scenario to be in, both mentally and physically. Although people would be busy filling out legal paperwork with the Divorce Attorney Boca, it’s quintessential to pay eye view to the body and brain: Research on human behavior have indicated that divorce can take serious consequences on each and everything from sleeping habits to the heart. Knowledge of the about the following outcomes would certainly allow one to take precautions of health.


“According to different hormone related studies on human body, generally after a divorce anxiety levels reach the zenith,” you don’t have a companion in dark world and you are surrounded by ton of uncertainty, which leads to insecurity. As the circumstances changes, one might have to suddenly go on, get a new source of job, and live on less money than prior. People going on divorce can lead drastic changes one of which is children might need to change schools or get used to a back-and-forth arrangement with you and your ex.

Drastic Weight Change

There may be a drastic change that is most provenly seen with people going on divorce, gaining or losing a significant amount of weight. Few people usually turn to comfort foods while for others divorce has the opposite effect. People lose appetite and can’t eat when they are distraught.

Metabolic Syndrome

Anxiety , weight loss and depression results into metabolic disorder occurs , including high blood pressure, high blood sugar, excess belly fat, and high cholesterol. It increases your risk for heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. Women are more prone to metabolic disorders in comparison to male going through divorce.


After a divorce “People act like failures” and its contribution that adds a role to it t. For example, if its spouse cheating, that know-how can send one to a downward spiral of hopelessness and destroy his or her confidence.

Cardiovascular Disease

According to study of health magazine, middle-aged men and women are at greater risk of developing heart disease after going through a divorce, in comparison to married people. Further adding to it has been found that middle-aged women who get divorced are more likely to get heart related anomalies than middle-aged men who get divorced. Women have worse effect on health in comparison to men but why? It is because research has shown that stress of divorce leads to higher levels of inflammation in women.

Give full attention to your body and it will serve you well. If you are not able to overcome with divorce stress on your own, please consult a good mental health professional who can help you diagnose and implement new strategies to minimize the effect of split-up on your health and well-being. For better split-up strategies and to avoid such effects do consult a good Divorce Attorney Boca.


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